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Audit Assurance

We regularly interact with our clients to ensure adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements, including disclosure norms and provide constructive, value-added feedback. Bharat Parikh & Associates boasts extensive experience in the following types of Audits.

Internal Audit

Reviews undertaken as guided by the statute
wherein the effectiveness of internal controls is evaluated with a view to ensure a risk mitigated environment.

Statutory Audit

Expressing an opinion on the true and fairness of financial statements of the company as required under the statute, accounting standards and guidelines issued by the regulator.

IFRS Audit

Extensive reviews and advisory to ensure that the requirements under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to provide support through robust impact analysis mechanism.

Tax Audit

Auditing the financial statements of an eligible
entity in accordance with the provisions of the Income tax laws of India and providing disclosures through specified formats.

Management Audit

Audit of specific operational management functions (viz. purchase, sales, inventory, fixed assets, special purpose accounting etc.) wherein we handhold the management in improving the overall efficiency.

Forensic Audit

Audit undertaken at the specific request of the
management to improve the overall efficiency and detecting or mitigating the chances of fraud or misappropriation of resources.

IT & System Audit

Audit of Systems Migration, Online Cloud, Implementation of Sap, ERP Migration, Information Systems, Information Security and Database Management.

Concurrent Audit

Systematic and timely examination of financial transaction in parallel to its occurrence, to ensure accuracy, authenticity, compliance with procedures and guidelines.

Inspection Audit

Audit of Systems Migration, Online Cloud, Implementation of Sap, ERP Migration, Information Systems, Information Security and Database Management.

Audit Experience in Private & Public Sectors

We boast an extensive portfolio of audit expertise spanning across all major private and public sectors. The portfolio also covers Government entities. Over the years, we've developed and honed the necessary skills, tools, tribal know-how and relationships specific to each of the industry sectors to truly empower you - our client, to chase your dreams.

Audit Experience in Banking Sector

Banks form the most important channel in our audit portfolio. Our experience with bank audits logs back all the way to the establishment of the company. Concurrent and Statutory audits are quite famous with banks. Credit audit, Independent audit and Stock audits are requested occasionally as well.

Trusted by:
- State Bank of India (SBI)
- Bank of India
- Bank of Baroda
- Indian Bank
- Union Bank

Client Testimonial

Working with Bharat Parikh & Associates was very easy. The staff was super friendly.
Bhavin Parikh - CEO Zabumba

Taxation Services

Well versed with issues effecting both foreign and Indian businesses, our team is continuously engaged to offer comprehensive, efficient and pragmatic tax strategies. We provide complete handholding in preparation for a tax enquiry, investigation or appellate matter and are your business partners in dealing with regulatory authorities. Transfer pricing professionals provide effective guidance to your finance teams in maintaining country files and support you in defending the same. We advise foreign nationals in structuring tax equalized salary contracts and meeting annual tax compliances in India.

Tax Planning

We offer tax planning for optimizing the overall tax burden, reviewing business transactions and assisting with contract structuring, risk analysis and mitigation strategy viz. EPC contracts, change
in ownership / shareholding pattern, secondment arrangements etc.

International Taxation

We provide specialized advice on the international aspects of tax laws and international tax treaties. Also boast expertise in international taxation and in handling transnational company


Transfer Pricing

We assist in devising the appropriate transfer pricing strategy, while balancing opportunity and risk management, weighing effective tax-rate optimizations against fiscal-authority challenges and the costs of compliance.

Indirect Taxation

Through our pan-India presence, we assist in regulatory compliance as well as advisory on State Value Added Tax (VAT), Service tax, Excise Duty, Customs Duty, and various other State and local body taxes. We carry out impact analysis of proposed Goods & Services Tax (GST) on your business to help you prepare for the new environment.


We represent our clients before tax and appellate authorities. We also assist in obtaining lowered 'Tax Withholding Applications', 'No Objection' and Income tax clearance certificates.

Due Diligence

A Due Diligence exercise comprises of certain agreed upon procedures to assess an entity from commercial, financial, tax and legal standpoints. Beside accounting issues, an exercise of this effect also evaluates a spectrum of tax and regulatory issues such us exchange control, income taxes, indirect taxes and capital market regulations. The expiration ‘due diligence’ is not define by any statute, nor is there any legal binding to carry out the same; on the contrary, it is a creation of conventional practices.